Engage your audience globally with this virtual event platform

Hosting virtual events has an incredible growth potential to take your event to the next level and engage a global audience.

Virtual Events for Every Industry

Host virtual events for your Industry to target a global audience

Whether you’re transitioning a current event to online-only or creating brand new virtual campaigns, Laaveo provides the tools to engage your community online

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Virtual trade show platform has made ready for the incredibly famous movement towards all-virtual sales experience.

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Laaveo is an all-in-one platform for preparing online conferences, striving for everything from a virtual gathering to breakout sessions, a mainstage, and networking events.

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Connecting your student or alumni candidates directly with potential companies will help boost job placements.

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Enable alumni with private and group chat tools to boost engagement at the Alumni Networking Event. Affect Prospective Students by uniting them with successful...

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Catch your orientation online, you improve accessibility and remove geographic limitations...

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Provide your attendees with a streamlined, easy-to-use interface for an enhanced experience

Greater exposure to host virtual events fairs, trade shows, and online conferences to build professional relationships and quickly attend events in the best virtual event platforms.

At the end of the day, we all want a successful event

Laaveo allows your organization to connect with it’s global audience, regardless of industry. We provide solutions to help you successfully plan and execute your next virtual event.


Get real-time reports to see how interactive your online event was.


Engage attendees that combine educational sessions, networking, keynotes, exhibitors, and sponsors.


Connect with our global support team and enjoy a personalized experience


Get the real-time website visitors to survey them for critical market insight and user feedback.