Connect Worldwide

Catch your orientation online, you improve accessibility and remove geographic limitations for your incoming students.

Student Engagement

Performing virtual with your orientation means grown engagement with digital residents on our intuitive, mobile-friendly platform.

Video Chat Capabilities

Give your organization the advantage of using text-only, audio or full-video to engage incoming students. Video chats, like text chats, to keep events proceeding smoothly and make conversations efficient.

Record & Share

Get your engaging video content in front of more students by recording your live shows and giving them after your virtual events.

Host the most appealing Virtual Orientation that drives result

The excellent virtual platform gives your school/college the tools to manage an interactive virtual student orientation program efficiently.


Leading online orientation software for colleges and universities

Online Orientation and Training Software works through a cloud-based software service model, which means that your software is hosted, maintained. It dramatically reduces the time demands on your IT staff – and excludes the resource load on your campus servers.

Robust orientation and training program that they can refer to throughout their college years

Lightened by the task of answering basic questions repeatedly, staff get more time to spend with individual students marking more essential needs. It’s a win-win solution for your whole campus.

Easy Set-up

Automatic software set-up permits staff effortlessly to create, edit and manage customized content.