Virtual Wedding Platform provides full service live streaming for marriage, taking the hassle out of inviting all your family members. Our team can ensure that everyone you have always wanted is there using the most recent live streaming technology. Metaverse technology allows you to stream all or a portion of your wedding ceremony.

What is the Metaverse? How this helps for Virtual Wedding Platform

Technology that constitutes the metaverse can include virtual reality, which is characterized by persistent virtual worlds. Socialization, learning, collaboration, and play will be enhanced in ways that are beyond our imagination. Metaverse refers to an idealized digital universe that exists beyond the world we live in. 

Any computer screen, mobile device, or virtual reality headgear can be used to access this virtual space. 

The most obvious way to make money in the metaverse is through the purchase of virtual real estate, which can be customized. It would be possible to advertise your company, display collections of NTFS, and even rent the same plot of land. 

Using a digital avatar, users can “live” in a virtual universe called the metaverse. This future is going to be unlike anything we are capable of imagining now. 

Examples of the Metaverse 

  • Ready Player One 
  • Fortnite 
  • Facebook’s Horizon 
  • Somnium Space 
  • IMVU 

The AR and VR technologies developed by Google are perfect examples of how these technologies might be applied outside of the company. 

However, what if all these AR companies were connected to the Metaverse? By using just one device, you would be able to utilize all their features within the Metaverse. As opposed to now, you will have to use Google Lens to use Google’s features. 

Metaverse: What is its purpose? 

Among the many uses of Metaverse, platforms are art galleries, concert halls, event spaces, and gaming rooms. Additionally, users can purchase virtual plots of land where they can build virtual environments of their own.

How does Metaverse work? 

However, imagine how much better it would be if all of these AR companies connected to the Metaverse? By using just one device, you can access all of the features of the Metaverse. Unlike now, you’ll have to use Google Lens to use Google’s features. 

The Metaverse will incorporate virtual and augmented reality, web 3.0, and blockchain. It is the blockchain part of this technology that will set it apart from the Internet or Interverse, as I like to call it. 

Any other accounts, such as Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Gmail, etc., will be owned by each individual company. There are more ways to own a metaverse. 

Using blockchain NFTs, you will own anything you buy. We will explain this in more detail, but in short, in a Metaverse, you can own digital creations, and whenever someone buys those creations, you and any intermediaries, if any, will make money since your NFT identifies you as the owner of the creation. 

Let me take a step back. Initially, there were wired phones, pagers, phones on wheels, and then there were smartphones. It is unlikely that these technologies can coexist with their predecessors, even if they were once compatible. While the process took a long time, and it still is, can you imagine what will be changed as a result? 

Laaveo – Virtual Marriage Platform 

We want to welcome you to our Virtual Marriage App at Laaveo – The place where you can have fun getting married. Get married virtually and enjoy wedding events. 

Virtual weddings take place over videoconferencing, bringing together the officiant, guests, and couples. 

During this time of a covid pandemic, many of the guests are unable to attend a wedding and related event, so we provide a virtual marriage platform for them to join together and attend the event virtually. 

Why Laaveo – Virtual Marriage Platform is Helpful?

  • An actual livestream of the wedding took place simultaneously with the virtual wedding. 
  • In the metaverse, an avatar marriage took place between a couple virtually. 
  • The covid-19 pandemic forced many couples to consider online weddings. That’s why we are here with a new concept with the help of technology. 
  • Both mobile and web versions of the metaverse marriage platform are available. It is easy to join, interact, and participate in events online. 
  • Additionally, you can imagine celebrating any type of event from multiple perspectives and angles. Watch all sessions such as haldi ceremonies, mehndi ceremonies, wedding ceremonies, reception ceremonies, and marriage ceremonies. 
  • Let’s spread your reaction digitally, yes you can send messages as well as likes, comments, and send emojis to live for the beautiful couples. Give your warm wishes with some love to the beautiful couple. Spread your happiness by changing your presence on this beautiful occasion. Just click on views. 
  • Using this platform wedding couples also get digital gifts & blessings from the family, guests, and others. It’s an easily navigated and user-friendly virtual platform. 

Your expectations are going to be exceeded when it comes to the metaverse. We are already building it. Discover hassle-free event management with Laaveo. Host memorable events. Live support. Request a demo – schedule a call with experts! 

With our Laaveo – virtual event platform and this metaverse 3d model, they would be more efficient and more effective.

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