Enhance Connections Through Instant Communication Amongst Attendees and Offer Exhibitors More Exposure & Sales.

Virtual trade show platform has made ready for the incredibly famous movement towards all-virtual sales experience. Exhibitors and event marketing experts worldwide advocate virtual trade shows for their moderately low expenses and considerable ROI.

Host Online Trade Shows with Best Virtual Trade Show Platform

Best virtual trade show platforms are likely to create product exposure, generate new leads, and build compatibility with attendees who can’t attend the online trade shows in-person. Let’s see how virtual trade show platform can assist you in hosting online trade fair/shows.

Create Business Opportunities via Online Trade Show

With an immersive virtual trade show platform, your exhibitors can reach buyer and seller meet anywhere in the world. So get more Sponsorship for Online Traction, Attract more attendees Online, Value rich experience for Attendees.

Measure your Online Event Success with Reports

Generate reports to plan future actions, Get engagement information from Q&A participations and Live polls, Number of chat-room interactions

Offer Virtual Booths to Exhibitors

Live video chats between attendees and sponsors & exhibitors can offer downloadable Product/ Service Collaterals

Host Online Trade Shows On Laaveo

We Deliver Cutting-Edge Solutions for Scalable Online Trade Shows.Attend a virtual trade show