Mark the ROI of your Virtual Educational Seminars with real-time reports

Assess your event’s progress through reports that provide statistics which contains a number of visitors, session they received

Download File/Documents

Furnish students can save brochures, reports, and other material for future viewing and sharing.

Offer an easy-to-use online education platform for students to explore applications

Ensure students have a positive experience when they arrive at the Virtual Education Fair platform continuously in their final session.

Virtual Education Fair Platform

Attract attendees to join your Virtual Educational Seminar with a pleasant Landing Page

Virtual Education Fair (Seminar) platform to connect prospective students & universities/colleges/students and share presentations online. Conduct live video chat sessions with students from the support of your mobile/computer.

virtual educational seminar platform

Provide easy access for visitors on the progress by creating a virtual space that is compatible with smartphones and tablet devices

  • Live Video Conferencing
  • Chat options with employers and other attendees
  • Surveys, Polls, and Social Media Integration
Virtual Education Seminar Platform

Connect Schools and Students with a Virtual Education Fair Platform

We have solutions for agents/Universities/Colleges/Career Counselling Institutions looking to host virtual education fairs. Universities and colleges are looking to get the word out on their program offerings using our virtual educational fair platforms.