Keep the Event Engaging and Get the Audience Involve with the Virtual Conference Platform

Laaveo is an all in one platform for preparing virtual conference and meetings, striving for everything from a online gathering to breakout sessions, the main stage, and networking events

Host Virtual Conference – Unlock your Experience

Virtual conference platforms can help greatly expand brand awareness, networking opportunities, engaging webinars, lead generation, and more.

What are the Significant Benefits of Hosting a Virtual Conference?

Virtual Conference

Easier to Make Connections

Virtual events serve to be faster-paced, considering attendees don’t have to move from session to session or booth to booth. It can be easier to make connections with other attendees and speakers than an in-person event.

Best Online Meeting Platforms

Measure Results

Easily measure the success of your hybrid conference platform with access to live data and analytics. A result of interactions to the event’s sessions, other content, sponsors, and exhibitors.

Virtual Conference Platform

Less Expensive

Hosting your virtual conference online removes costs associated with the venue, catering, travel, and accommodation.